Distribution System Planning


Distribution System Planning

Distribution System Planning

Purpose Of Distribution System Planning

1. Network extension to meet customer demand

2. To satisfy supply performance requirement

  • (a) Balanced load flow
  • (b) Good voltage regulation
  • (c) Less conductor heating and equipment damages
  • (d) Less loss

3.  To improve supply performance (less outage frequency and duration)

4. To introduce embedded generation in distribution network.

5. To establish interconnection between distributors.

6. Maintenance scheduling and resources allocations.

8. Crew management to reduce outage duration.

9. Data connection and load forecasting.

Factors Affecting Distribution System Reliability.

1. Inherited Factors

Inherited factors are present due to the difference between long term designs of networks between various distribution companies.


  •         1) Length of feeder
  •         2) Number of interconnections
  •         3) Voltage level
  •         4) Sectionalizing
  •         5) Atomization

2. Inherent factors

Inherent factors are related with load (supply)

area where distribution company is operating (serving)


  1. customer density ( urban area and  rural area)
  2. Air pollution and salt contamination
  3. Climate factors- storms, ice storms, floods,  extreme temperature 
  4. Animals
  5. Lighting

Regulators should considered inherited and inherent factors while determining the network performance

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