Health Concerns Of EMI


Health Concerns Of EMI

Health Concerns of EMI
Health Concerns of EMI

Health concern fall In these categories :

Electric : 

Anything that is concerned with electricity and they traverse in the form of
electromagnetic waves.

Magnetic : 

They are concerned with magnetic field that comes from electric source such as motor.

Wireless/RF/ Wi Fi/ Microwave :

The radiation emitted from the mobile phone causes disease like glioma sad acoustic neuroma. More exposure to mobile phones even cancer in the human.

The millimeter wave scanner in airport operated at 60Hz and  above microwave band causes less hazards to the human.

Biomedical Effects:

EM waves, heat, light, gamma rays and x-rays are some type of electromagnetic radiation. They have different wavelength and produce adverse effect in human and materials.

They effects are of two types : Thermal effects and non thermal effects.

Thermal Effect: 

The damage may depend on the intensity of frequency temperature and body resistance. Exposure above 1Omw/cm2 of energy is not considered to be safe.

Non-Thermal Effects : 

  1. It causes Minor modification in human blood properties
  2. When exposed to EMR, buzzing is heard
  3. Chromosome abnormalities
  4. Gastric disorder, emotional depressions, nausea has been observed.
  5. According to IEEE, safe level if EMI is 2 W/m2
  6. Extremely low RF
  7. Extremely-low-frequency RF with power density levels in the range kV/m are recognized to induce currents within the human body that make an imitating itchiness.
  8. Short wave RF
  9. This causes diathermy beating in human tissues, heating of blood cells, muscles and adipose tissue.

Lighting :

A fluorescent bulb produces ultraviolent light within them. This is then converted to visible light. When the bulb breaks open due to carless handling or during manufacture, the UV rays escape may cause sunburn or skin cancer.

LED Light : 

Blue light with wavelength ranging 400-500 nm, suppress melatonin production of pineal gland. This causes poor sleep in human.

Infra red light of range greater than 750 nm can change the eye lens size. It may even cataract when viewed directly.

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