Installation Handling Of Transformer


Installation Handling Of Transformer

Installation Handling Of Transformer

Hello All, Welcome back to our blog Electrical Online 360°. Today we discuss full procedure of installation handling of transformer. All the steps are explained deeply below, so let's start to learn in detail.

1. Installation Of Floor Mounted Transformer

Installation Handling of Transformer
Installation Of Floor mounted transformer

This includes civil work, space required, surrounding space, ventilation area, foundation, switch gear etc. The transformer may be indoor or out door.

    2. For Civil Works

    One has to take account of 
    1. Ventilation
    2. Noise level
    3. Space required for maintenance/movements
    4. Trenches for cable run
    5. Distance between transformer unit and walls.


    (a)Walls on 4 sides of unit =1.25 m
    (b) Walls on back side only =0.51
    (c)Walls on 3 sides-1.1m
    (d)Walls on 2 sides - 0.75 m clearance form each side
    (e) Top most conservator to roof= 0.5 m. Ventilation Area=2 m square per 1000 KVA (Far outlet)
                              = 1 m square per 1000 KVA (For inlet)


    Flood level must be known, Plinth must be above flood level.

    Foundation shall be strong enough to bear the load of transformer without vibrations, and properly floored level.

    For rolling wheels of transformer the appropriate rails must be provided on foundation Once the final position of transformer is set on the rails, the rolling wheels are locked prevent movements.

    Facility for drainage of oil: Soak pits are provided and also drainage facility for big size transformer are provided.

    Cabling : Power cables and control cables should never be placed in the same conduit These should be separate. A suitable trench is provided for cables.

    Cable boxes : These are to be filled with insulating oil.

    Noise reduction : For this non-reflecting resistance pad is used with the transformer Laid on non vibrating surface.

    Fire protection : Buckets full with sand, and carbon tetracloride (CCL4) extinguisher kept at suitable place near to the unit.

    Bushings: must be supported properly.

    Switch gears : Installation of switch gear are made in separate room. Also power cable and control cable should be run in separate conduits.

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