Interconnection Issues With Solar PV Generation System


Interconnection Issues With Solar PV Generation System

Interconnection Issues With Solar PV Generation System

Solar energy is available in ample amount at free of cost. Power produces are getting attracted towards utilising solar as a fuel for generation of power due to many reasons

such as,

  1. Renewable in nature.
  2. Environment friendly. 
  3. Available in ample amounts.
  4. Amount low cost.

Main issues related to interconnection of solar PV generation systems are :

Interconnection Issues with Solar PV Generation System
Interconnection Issues with Solar PV Generation System

  1. Solar system supplies real power to the system without consuming reactive power. So it is mostly utilized. PV modules produce dc power. But in few systems, they require power greater than 300V before inverting it to ac. So there is a problem of de arc resulting into fire as dc arcs are difficult to extinguish as compared to ac arcs.
  2. PV inverters convert de power into usable ac power during this it creates noise problem.
  3. Harmonics are the distortion in the voltage and current waveforms. Distortions are due to the overlapping of the standard waves at 50 Hz with waves at other frequency. It is problem for the waveforms also.
  4. DC in junction - Here inverter passes unwanted de current into the ac or output side of the inverter.
  5. Liability insurance - Liability insurance is needed to protect their employees, customer in case of accident resulting from the interactions.
  6. Charges - It involves interconnection fees, metering charges and stand by charges.
  7. Cloud transient or variation effect affects the power generation from PV power plant. It reduces the PV system penetration.
  8. In case of solar PV plant, if output is fluctuating during whole day and this fluctuating power is fed to the grid then it affect security of the grid for stable operation. 
  9. Here owner of solar plant need to install power storage system which increases the cost of solar power plant and power generation.
  10. Solar forecasting : If solar insulation value is not properly or accurately forecasted, it results into improper power generation predication which affects power planning of grids and load dispatch centres.
  11. No harmonic support outside daylight hours : Solar PV inverters disconnects the solar power plant or system during insufficient sunlight to reduce switching loses. But it result into lack of harmonic support outside daylight hours.
  12. Political support : Due to poor quality control and outages, the governments are reluctant to give financial support and grid interconnection to remote rural solar PV plants.

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