Methods Of Power System Improvement


Methods Of Power System Improvement

Methods Of Power System Improvement

Hello All Today we discuss about different methods of power system improvement in this article with full description. So let's start with first method.

(1) Improvement In Distribution System

Check the voltage regulation of distribution system which is should be within allowable limit of 5%. If it is not then split the load into various distributors.

Increase the supply voltage level.

Overhead distribution system should be replaced by underground distribution system to increase the reliability of power supply system.

(2) Shunt Compensation

Shunt capacitors are placed at substations which reduces the reactive power requirement and power loss.

(3) New Sub Transmission Line

Place new sub transmission line with conductor material having low resistance.

(4) Install New Power Transformer

Replace old power transformer by newer power transformer. Install power transformer having larger rating. Measure the load requirement to calculate power transformer rating.

    (5) Low Voltage Distribution System

    All radial systems should be replaced by loop system to increase the reliability. Loads are need to be redistributed if the system over loaded. Install series and shunt compensation for reducing harmonic level.

    Power System Improvement Scheme

    Entire power system is deregulated. Government is giving subsidies to private power suppliers.

    Government develops various companies to increase development in power system. e.g. Rural electrification corporation provides funds of development of electric networks. 

    Government establishes various power companies like National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC), National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) for increasing generation capacity of power system. 

    Government divides electric power system network into three companies like one each For generation, transmission and distribution.

    Before power system improvement, first calculate voltage regulation, efficiency, losses, ower factor etc. These parameters are used to find out system improvement schemes.

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