What Is Switchboard? And Working Of Switchboard


What Is Switchboard? And Working Of Switchboard

What Is Switchboard? And Working Of Switchboard

Switch board is a large single panel or assembly of panels. On which switches, over current and other protection devices, bures, and other instruments are mounted on the back or front side.

It is mandatory to have a name plate on main switchboards. These nameplate must provide following information.

  1. Manufacturer's name and trade mark of the company.
  2. Serial number/drawing number of product.
  3. Insulation type Insulation voltages.
  4. Relevant standard used during manufacturing and for application purpose.
  5. Earthing system used and its type.
  6. Rated current and whether it is ac / dc.
  7. Operating frequency in the case of a.c.
  8. Rated voltages.
  9. Short-circuit withstand capacity.
  10. Degree of protection.
  11. Date of manufacture.
  12. Weight.

Switch boards may have one or more meters for display of various electrical quantities. Now days depending on the customer requirement switch boards have.

  1. Lighting panel boards.
  2. Distribution transformer.
  3. Lighting control.
  4. Motor starters.
  5. Backup generators.
  6. Power monitoring devices.
  7. PLC
  8. Automatic transfer switches.
  9. Communication devices.

Selection Criteria For Switch Boards Are :

✓Voltage stress withstands capability to detect insulation safety.

✓Current carrying capability to check temperature increase.

✓Availability of under voltage relay.

✓Short circuit withstand capability to check arc risks.

✓Protection against electric shock to assure working persons safety.

✓Protection against fire or explosion hazard - to protect the substation and working personnel.

✓Maintenance and modification capability for cost effectiveness.

✓Electromagnetic compatibility to avoid interferences.

✓Capability to be installed on the site.

✓Protection against environmental condition to the assembly circuit - used to check corrosion and damage of electrical part.

✓Capability to operate the electrical installation.

✓Shunt trip requirement.

✓Ground fault protection.

✓Interlocking system to avoid unauthorised access.


Selection Criteria For Switchboard
Selection Criteria For Switchboard

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