Famous Lakes And Rivers In India And World

 💠Famous Lakes And Rivers In India And World💠

🔸Lake Baikal (Russia) is the deepest lake of the world. One of the biggest and most ancient lakes of world is situated nearly in the center of Asia in a huge stone bowl set 445 m above sea level. 

🔸Lake Eyre is a important lake of Australia.

🔸Lake Onakal (Uganda) and Lake Aswan (Egypt) are man made lakes.

🔸Lake Tso Sekuru located on the Tibetan Plateau is the highest lake of the world.

🔸Lake Titicaca, located at the boundary of Bolivia and Peru is the highest navigable lake of the world.

🔸The highest lake in India is Devtal, located at a height of 17,745 ft in the Garhwal Himalayas.

🔸Dead Sea is the lowest lake of the world, its base is located 2500 ft below the sea level.

🔸Lake Van (Turkey) is the most saline lake of the world, with salinity of330%. It is followed by Dead Sea (238%) Jordan, and Great Salt Lake (220% salinity) USA.

🔸Caspian Sea is the largest lake of the world. It is a salt water lake. Ural and Volga rivers drain into it from the north, therefore its northern part is less saline.

🔸Lake Victoria, forms the border between Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

🔸Lake Nyasa or Lake. Malawi forms the border of Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique.

🔸Lake Tanganyika forms the border of Zaire. Tanzania and Zambia.

🔸Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake of the world.

🔸The nuclear test range of China is located near the lake Lop Nor.

🔸Lake Chad forms the border of Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Camroon.

🔸Lake Great Bear it is famous as Port Radium.

🔸Lake Athabasca famous as Uranium City.

🔸LakeVolta in Ghana is a largest man made lake.

🔸Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is famous for oil reserves.

🔸Wular Lake: Wular Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia and the largest in India, is located in Jammu and Kashmir. 

🔸Dal Lake: The Kashmir valley is blessed with exotic natural beauty of landscape and water bodies, out of them one of the best is Dal Lake. The Dal lake is situated in the beautiful city of Srinaga,Some of the most famous mosques are also located in Srinagar city to visit.

🔸Loktak Lake: Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in northeastern India, located in Manipur. It is also called the only floating lake in the world due to the floating phumdis. This ancient lake plays an important role in the economy of Manipur.

🔸Chilka Lake: Chilka Lake is the brackish water lake and is the largest coastal lake in India. The Chilka Lake in situated in Orissa and is Asia’s largest inland salt-water lagoon.  The beautiful chilka lake is paradise for the migratory birds.

🔸Pulicat lake: It is a saline backwater lake lying along the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh coast; part extending to Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu. It has an area of 481 sq. KM and it is the 2nd largest brackish water lagoon in India after Chilka lake in Orissa. 

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