Communication Skills MCQ with Answers


Communication Skills MCQ with Answers in pdf

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MCQ on Communication with Answers – Communication Skills in pdf for the students who are preparing for competitive and academic exams

1. ___ means communication without words.
a. Object communication
b. Written communication
c. Oral communication
d. Non- verbal communication
Ans: D

2. The person who transmits the message is called ___.
a. channel
b. sender
c. receiver
d. response
Ans: B

3. ___ aims at making people work together for the common good of the organization.
a. communication
b. conversation
c. combination
d. connection
Ans: A

4. at each stage in the process of communication, there is a possibility of interference which may hinder the process. Such interference is known as ___.
a. sender
b. receiver
c. barrier
d. none of them
Ans: B

5. ___ describes all forms of human communication that are not verbal.
a. prosody
d.para language
Ans: D

6. normally communication is ___, wherein the information or message is transferred from one person to another.
a. impersonal
b. interpersonal
c. personal
d. important
Ans: C

7. A ___ connects the sender to the receiver.
a. Channel
b. Noise
c. Communication
d. feedback
Ans: A

8. The ___ in the usage of words may be a serious barrier to effective communication.
a. disturbance
b. discrimination
c. disorder
d. distortion
Ans: D

9. Most of us use ___ and ___ in addition to words when we speak.
a. words and gestures
b. gestures and body language
c. body language and posture
d. posture and eye gazing
Ans: B

10. ___ refers to pitch, loudness, duration, intonation and, tempo.
a. touches
b. prosody
c. gestures
d. haptics
Ans: C

11. In ___ main intention is to seek certain information which will be appreciated.
a. empathetic
b. comprehension
c. appreciative
d. therapeutic
Ans: D

12. Dialogic listening is also known as ___.
a. therapeutic
b. appreciative
c. relational
d. evaluative
Ans: B

13. ___ means looking quickly over a textbook to get a general superficial idea of the content.
a. scanning
b. extensive reading
c. skimming
d. intensive
Ans: B

14. ___ reading is ideal and helps comprehension
a. extensive
b. loud
c. intensive
d. silent
Ans: D

15. The second step in the SQ3R of reading is ___.
a. survey
b. question
c. read
d. review
Ans: C

16. While making a slide the number of words should be limited to a maximum of ___ per slide.
a. seven
b. nine
c. eight
d. ten
Ans: D

17. ___ are the abbreviations that are made up by writing the first letters of the words in a name or phrases.
a. field abbreviations
b. personal abbreviations
c. acronyms
d. none of them Ans:

18. ___ is the full form of the abbreviation TQM.
a. team quality management
b. total quality management
c. total quality manager
d. total quality management
Ans: D

19. Communication that takes place between the members of an organization within itself is ___.
a. external
b. formal
c. informal
d. internal
Ans: D

20. Informal meetings mark the ___ of the problem.
a. immediately
b. immediacy
c. importance
d. improvement
Ans: C

21. ___ is sent to specific group of people whereas ___ may be meant for general public.
a. notice, memo
b. memo, circular
c. notice, circular
d. circular, notice
Ans: D

22. The problem with proofreading is that you will have to be good at ___ and ___.
a. spelling, punctuation
b. pronunciation, spelling
c. punctuation, pronunciation
d. paraphrasing, spelling
Ans: A

23. Every sentence has two essential parts a ___ and a ___.
a. clause, predicate
b. subject, phrase
c. predicate, subject
d. subject, clause
Ans: C

24. Oral communication ensures___ and ___.
a. fluency; speed
b. adequate attention; immediate response
c. speedy interaction; immediate response
d. speed; attention
Ans: B

25. Find out errors:
Either the manager or their subordinates failed in his duty.
a. either- neither, or- nor
b. their- his, his- their
c. failed- fails, subordinates- subordinate
e. the- a, in- for
Ans: B

26. As a means of communication, e-mails have features of the immediacy of both ___ and ___.
a. reading, receiving
b. writing, sending
c. calling, receiving
d. receiving, sending
Ans: D

27. Unclarified assumptions in communication can lead to ___ and ___.
a. premature evaluation, poor listening
b. lack of planning, physical barriers
c. information overload, selective perception
d. confusion, misunderstanding
Ans: D

28. A resume needs conceptualization of your ___ and___ all into one document.
a. objectives, experiences
b. projects, skills
c. accomplishments, experiences
d. skills, aims
Ans: C

29. The semantic markers used to express time relationship are:
a. next, after
b. after, consequently
c. hence, to summarize
d. while, because
Ans: A

30. ___ and ___ are acted as barriers to communication.
a. semantic distortions, lack of planning
b. sender, receiver
c. channel, message
d. feedback, sender
Ans: A

31. When a word that has a silent “e” at the end combines with an ending that starts a vowel, the final “e” is ___, for example, the surprise gives you ___.
a. unchanged, surprising
b. dropped, surprising
c. deleted, surprising
d. changed, surprising
Ans: B

32. The primary goal of communication is to ___.
a. to create barriers
b. to create noises
c. to effect a change
d. none of these
Ans: C

33. Communication through ___ and ___ is called verbal communication
a. written material and gestures
b. gestures and spoken words
c. spoken words and written material
d. body language and gestures
Ans: C

34. ___ is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons.
a. communication
b. combination
c. conversation
d. connection
Ans: A

35. The ___ of the correct channel depends on the situation under which the communication takes place.
a. chance
b. choice
c. change
d. channel
Ans: B

36. ___ is the study of touches as non-verbal communication.
a. haptics
b. body language
c. gestures
d. prosody
Ans: A

37. The fourth step in the SQ3R technique of reading os ___.
a. recall
b. review
c. survey
d. reading
Ans: A

38. ___ is an announcement sheet that is sent to a specific group of people.
a. notice
b. memo
c. circular
d. letter
Ans: C

39. ___ is essentially a statement of facts of a situation, project or process or test and it should be supported by.
a. notice, proof
b. technical report, evidence
c. memo, information
d. letter, documentors
Ans: B

40. ___ is done when you need to continue learning and studying that you develop your own thinking and skills.
a. professional reading
b. action
c. extensive
d. intensive
Ans: A

41. ___ and ___ as visual aids should contain the minimum information necessary.
a. flip charts slide
b. PowerPoint, overhead projects
c. video, film
d. overhead projects, slides
Ans: D

42. Too much of ___ communication in the workspace may also prove ___. It may lead to negligence of work.
a. formal, positive
b. informal, negative
c. verbal, positive
d. non-verbal, negative
Ans: B

43. Communication helps managers utilize ___ and ___ in the most effective and efficient manner.
a. employees, organization
b. control, evaluation of performance
c. plans, goals
d. manpower, resources
Ans: D

44. The most crucial part of the ___ process is thinking of converting to ___ what one hears.
a. reading, understanding
b. speaking, meaning
c. hearing, interpreting
d. listening, meaning
Ans: D

45. Language of a memo should be ___ and ___ to understand.
a. indirect, personal
b. direct, concise
c. lucid, easy
d. concise, difficult
Ans: C

46. What is the full form of R&D:
a. resources and development
b. recharge and discard
c. research and demand
d. research and development
Ans: D

47. Find out the errors:
Besides being good at tennis, he is also an excellent player of golf.
a. good- better, being- been
b. beside- besides, in- at
c. excellent- intelligent, besides – besides
d. in- at, being- been
Ans: B letter writing, ___ indicates to the reader of the letter what the ___ is about.
a. salutation, letter
b. subject, notice
c. body, memo
d. subject, letter
Ans: D

49. While using overhead projectors, you can reveal the information line by using an ___ sheet to over the ___.
a. opaque, flip chart
b. translucent, transparency
c. transparent, slide
d. opaque, transparency
Ans: D

50. A press release is a ___ news ___ story, written in ___ person that seeks to demonstrate to an editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a particular person, event, service, or product.
a. false, first
b. pseudo, third
c. real, second
d. original, third
Ans: B

51. Complete the following statements with appropriate conjunctions:
1. ___ he worked hard, he failed.
2. I cannot lift the box ___ it is very heavy.
3. The current status report has been attaché, ___ I have highlighted the important figures.
4. ___ we have no money, we cannot buy it.
(a) although, because, and, since
(b) since, and, although, because,
(c) because, since, and, although
(d) and, although, since, because
Ans: A

52. Which one of the following is correct: the process of communication.
(a) encoding, receiver, message, response, feedback, the sender
(b) sender, encoding, message, decoding, receiver, response, feedback
(c) sender, response encoding, message, decoding, receiver, feedback
(d) sender, decoding, message, encoding, receiver, response, feedback
Ans: B

53. Say whether true or false:
1. use simple language without clichés while writing a memo.
2. Minutes are submitted by the name of the typist who has typed the minutes.
3. The minutes of the meeting should contain the point of view of the minute taker
4. You can use tables and charts in a memo.
(a) false, true, true, false
(b) true, false, false, true
(c) false, true, true, true
(d) false, false, false
Ans: B

54. What is the full form of FOB:
(a) fire on board
(b) free on broad
(c) free onboard
(d) free of board
Ans: C

55. Match the following body language gestures with their meanings:
(1) rolling one’s eyes (a) lack of confidence
(2) nodding (b) exasperation
(3) the crossing of arms (c) confirmation
(4) shaking of legs (d) defensive
a. 1- d, 2- c,3- b, 4- a
b. 1-c,2-a,3-d,4-b
c. 1-b,2-c,3-d,4-a
d. 1-a,2-b,3-c,4-d
Ans: C

56. One of the great tools that are used to handle complaining customers is the technique of BLAST. The acronym stands for:
(a) believe, listen, apologize, satisfy, treat
(b) believe, listen, apologize, suggest, thank
(c) believe, listen, apologize, satisfy, thank
(d) believe, list, apologize, satisfy, thank
Ans: C

57. Which of the following statements are true?
1. in oral communication, there is a possibility of immediate response.
2. if one wants to have effective communication, one should be egoistic.
3. Oral communication always saves time.
4. Never leave a caller on hold.
(a) false, true, true, false
(b) true, false, false, true
(c) true, true, false, false
(d) false, false, true, false
Ans: B

58. Which one of them are types of listening:
1. comprehension listening
2. critical listening
3. evaluative listening
4. intensive listening
(a) 1,2,3
(b) 2, 3, 4
(c) 3, 4, 1
(d) 4, 2, 1
Ans: A

59. SQ3R Technique of reading stands for:
(a) Survey, Question, read, recall, review.
(b) survey, quotient, read, review, recall
(c) Survey, question, relief, recall, read
(d) Survey, question, recall, review, read
Ans: A

60. The semantic markers used to indicate illustration and examples are :
(1) first and foremost (2) for example (3) let’s take for example (4) for instance
(a) 1,2,3
(b) 2,3,4
(c) 3,4,1
(d) 4,1,2
Ans: B

61. Which of the following statements is true about Powerpoint slides:
1. all the slides must be part of a simple PowerPoint file as it saves time.
2. Use fonts that will get distorted while processing.
3. Keep images away from the edges of a slide as they may get cropped while mounting the slide.
4.If you are preparing for a 35 mm image the PowerPoint slides must not be formatted for 35 mm.
(a) true, true, true, true
(b) true, false, true, false
(c) false, true, false, true
(d) false, true, true, false
Ans: A

62. Which one of them is a type of reading?
1.extensive reading,
2. evaluative reading
3. scanning
4. intensive reading
(a) 1,2,3
(b) 1,3,4
(c) 2,3,4,
(d) 1,2,4
Ans: B

63. While composing a ___ message, only keywords and ___ are used. Function words such as ___ and ___ should not be included.
(a) telephonic, structures, conjunctions, prepositions
(b) face- to-face, signs, articles, nouns
(c) formal, symbols, nouns, pronouns
(d) telegraphic, phrases, articles, preposition.
Ans: D

64. What is the full form of RSI:
(a) Repetition Strain Injury
(b) Repetitive Strain Inquiry
(c) Repetitive Stress Injury
(d) Repetitive Strain Injury
Ans: D

65.Which one of the following is the correct structure of the letter:
(a) address, date, body, subject, signature, enclosure,
(b) address of the applicant, date, salutation, subject, body, signature, enclosure
(c) address, salutation, date, body, subject, enclosure, signature
(d) address, date, subject, body, salutation, enclosure, signature
Ans: B

66. While communication with the ___, ___ phrases and ___ have to be used in their ___ contexts.
(a) customers, polite, expressions, appropriate
(b) relatives, harsh, gestures, inappropriate
(c) Subordinates, impolite, impressions, true
(d) audience, rude, dialogues actual
Ans: A

67. ___ is the most important aspect of style in a language.
a. alphabets
b. articles
c. punctuation
d. nouns
Ans: c.

68. ___ is a means of making ideas and thoughts clearer and easier to grasp by breaking them down into logical units
a. Writing
b. Punctuation marks
c. Pronunciation
d. Grammar
Ans: b.

69. Punctuation decides the combination of two words to make a ___
a. Letter
b. Memo
c. Report
d. Phrase or clause
Ans: d.

70. ___ is also called “Period in American English.
a. Comma
b. Exclamation
c. Full stop
d. Semicolon
Ans: c.

71. While a dash is used to separate two words, ___ is used to unite them
a. Comma
b. Exclamation
c. Hyphen
d. Semicolon
Ans: c.

72. ___ is used to separate clauses of a compound sentence when they have a comma
a. Colon
b. Semicolon
c. Parenthesis
d. Hyphen
Ans: b.

73. The forum where people sit together and discuss a topic with the common objective of finding a solution for a problem is called ___
a. Interview
b. Drama
c. Play
d. Group Discussion
Ans: d.

74. ___ is the person who coordinates the group discussion
a. Manager
b. Timekeeper
c. Moderator
d. Leader
Ans: c.

75. A ___ is a narration of a situation or an event
a. Case
b. Report
c. Letter
d. Interview
Ans: a.

76. Back straight, and arms and legs uncrossed, indicates a ___ posture
a. Closed
b. Tensed
c. Open
d. Relaxed
Ans: c.

77. The ___ is used to indicate possession and contraction in a sentence
a. Comma
b. Apostrophe
c. Full stop
d. Quotation Marks
Ans: b.

78. ___ encloses the words of a speaker.
a. Quotation Marks
b. Comma
c. Full stop
d. Apostrophe
Ans: a.

79. ___ pertains to the “what to say” aspect of the group discussion
a. Group Behaviour
b. Appearance
c. Manners
d. Knowledge of the content
Ans: d.

80. Group discussion is arranged in order to measure certain ___ of the participants, which are otherwise difficult to identify and time-consuming to assess.
a. Caste
b. Traits and qualities
c. Complexion
d. Religion
Ans: b.

81. ___ is mainly used to introduce words that explain, amplify or interpret what precedes it
a. Colon
b. Semicolon
c. The hyphen
d. Full stop
Ans: a.

82. ___can be used to show the omission of a verb in a sentence
a. Comma
b. Colon
c. Full stop
d. The hyphen
Ans: a.

83. To separate a noun clause preceding a verb ___ is used
a. Full stop
b. Quotation Mark
c. Dash
d. Comma
Ans: d.

84. Showing direction to a group requires the following quality
a. Leadership
b. Good Appearance
c. Open body language
d. Communication skills
Ans: a.

85. A business proposal from a branch manager of a company to the managing director of the company is an example of horizontal communication. ((True / False).
Ans: False


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