A Project Synopsis Submitted

                     in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

for the Degree of

Bachelor of Technology


Computer Science & Engineering


Submitted by

                                 sachin kumar  -: 1

                                 sachin kamal   -: 18


Under the Supervision of

                          Mr.Anuj khanna

                               (Asst. professor of CSE Dept)





(Affiliated to Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow)

                                                                                        December , 2021






The goal of the website is not only limited to attracting and encouraging high school students to take coursework at teachask High School but it also aims to provide information about the school keeping in mind that the person visiting this website wants a full knowledge of the institution.



The purpose of the website is to provide a high school teen friendly set of web pages that are easy to navigate and at the same time provides sufficient depth and information about school.


Two potential groups of viewers exist:

1.      Students (not a part of the school) interested in seeking more in - depth information about a school.

2.      Students that are in that school but are seeking for some information.


     The website will be authenticated and the site provides a safe environment for    .      Online users. It may fall short of certain requirements and may require some additional Functionality if it is to be used for General Audience.


 Major features of the websites include the following pages/subsections:

·        Downloads

o    Provide basic downloads for students of school and general   

Information for viewers of website seeking for information of institute.

·        News and Events

o    daily activity and update of school

·        About Us/Mission

o    Specifies the aim of institute.

·        About Us/ Our Uniqueness

·        Alumni

·        Notices








The basic problem faced by students is inconvenience of visiting school for each and every requirement viz. fee structure, registration, announcement, bus route.


For such details a student is required to visit school in their vacations which is really time consuming and hectic for students living out of station as they have to travel so long for general formalities.


When school passes an urgent notice it is necessary for each student to go through it, in such cases it is difficult for school to ensure that every student got the notice as students not present in school can miss it. All the notices and announcements provided by school should reach each and every student. So the school website gives flexibility to students so that they can obtain the respective information right from their desk,










                     The website is user friendly and it doesn't requires any training or extra effort to understand it properly. It provides a number of facilities on a single click of mouse.

This system is aimed at the smooth functioning of the school management procedure. In order to achieve this website contains following features:

·        Downloads

o   Syllabus of each semester for students of the school.

o   Time Table of all departments and there classes for students.

o   Time Table of all exams conducted by school, including the Time Table of final exams as declared by teachask.                                 

o   Bus route for students to make them sure which bus will come to their                  respective stop, similarly this will help students to choose correct bus to reach their destination.

o   Assignments and notes provided by school facilities.

·        Fee structure of each year    

·        News and events

o   Any notice that is to be displayed by school.

o   Announcements or information school wan to provide.

·        About Us/Mission

o   It specifies the aim of school

·         About Us/Our Uniqueness

o   It specifies the qualities and uniqueness of school, including the details and

           pros that why one should opt this school and not any other.







Platform Specification


       Software Implementation Software:

·        Windows Operating System.

·        Dreamweaver

·        Mozilla Firefox, google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer

·        WAMP Server


Hardware Specification


·        Pentium 3rd processor, 500 MHz

·        Minimum 256 MB RAM

·         5 GB Hard disk.



·           Easy to use

·           Easy to find information about the school

·           Attractive user interface

·           Photo and Video gallery        




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