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Welcome to teachask . If you want to know about us, this thing is encouraging for us. Before you proceed we tell you a truth. Friends, today is the time of internet . The whole world is interlinked. The Internet has become a highway of information. On which the train named' website ' keeps carrying information. You can search content on almost any subject. You just think, write and search . With just these three steps you will get the material available on your desired subject. But in which language..?

Now the question is, in which language is the content on the Internet? Friends, the rule of ' English ' still prevails on the Internet . It is not that information is not available on the internet in other languages. Apart from English, information is also available in some main languages of the world . These include our Hindi also.

The main question is what is the existence of " Hindi & english on the web "? The truth is that the content in "Hindi on the Web" is negligible compared to English. And how much is the material that teaches computer and related techniques in Hindi content also ? This is where the problem starts. Because even today, Hindi speakers are unable to make maximum use of the resources available on the Internet. Like you, you want to learn computer and its related technologies sitting at home through the internet for free. But because of not knowing English, they are unable to take advantage of it. Friends, we have also faced the same problem. But like us, you do not have to face this problem. That is why we have started teachask .


Teachask is an Online Tutorial Portal (OTP), here you can learn and teach in your language anywhere, anytime . Right now on teachask, we provide Tutorials of Computer Fundamentals, Windows, MS Office, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad, WordPad, Paint, Android, WordPress,  b.tech, programing language,

  Blogger etc. in your language (Hindi) for free online . You can also learn some web related techniques like HTML and CSS in your language. In the coming time, we will also provide tutorials of other subjects on Teachask. Because our aim is to…

Your learning should never stop - Never Stop Learning.

We have started Teachask for this purpose. This is not just our goal. This is the aim of all of us and we will work together on this. Is not it? 4

Not only can you learn on teachask, you can also teach your knowledge to others through teachask, and can become a teachaskTutor ). how? For more information about this , you can see how to become a Teachask directory.


Last Updated: 15-04-2020

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